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  1. Only individuals of legal age can register as a member. An applicant must present a valid identification card upon registration as a proof of identity.
  2. Signifying the member’s agreement confirms understanding of the membership policies and procedures.
  3. A ZAPIT member must personally use the products and is responsible in promoting the company provisions such as the product and business.
  4. A member has the right to sponsor prospects to become members to join the company under its genealogy without limits.
  5. ZAPIT membership is lifetime unless an offense is committed affecting the company, its products, business and business partners, the company reserves the right to effect actions upon deliberation of cause.
  6. Membership is non-transferable except for company approved situation with determined and deliberated cause.
  7. Membership obeys the sponsoring ethics from which a member must register only once in respect to the original sponsor. An existing member cannot register for the second time under a new sponsor.
  8. Members must conduct trainings and activities for business and network development but is limited only to disseminating company provided information on its deliverables.
  9. Members are not allowed to create and implement personal programs and business models aside from what the company has designed.
  10. Members have no right to represent the company as an employee in whatever circumstance that only the company should carry out.
  11. A ZAPIT Member must remain loyal to the company and must avoid publish of adverse information or statement against the company in any form. A Member should uphold the company image and its management with high esteem.


  1. Each ZAPIT Member has the right to sponsor prospective members to join the company and signify membership.
  2. Members must ensure that prospects have understood the company’s nature of business, products and marketing plan prior to membership.
  3. Members must ensure that prospects have understood the membership agreement and the company policies & procedures prior to membership.
  4. Members must ensure that all details in the membership application are completely provided during registration.
  5. Modification of sponsor and upline placement upon confirmation of registration is not permitted.
  6. Sponsors must assume responsibility in grooming downlines by extending assistance in training to ensure proper operation of all downline’s business.

Constant communication between the sponsor and downlines is necessary.

  1. Cross-sponsoring is prohibited.
  2. A member who is complained of cross-sponsoring will be called for an interrogation and will be asked to explain verbally and in writing – the member’s account will be put on hold until verdict has been made by the company.
  3. A member not proven of the act of cross-sponsoring will be released with due commissions provided the account is maintained with personal purchase.
  4. A member proven of an act of cross-sponsoring will automatically be terminated and commissions on hold will be forfeited.
  5. A terminated member’s account will stay in the genealogy as a company owned account.

Membership Deactivation:

  1. Deactivation of account may be imposed to a member who is inactive and has not purchased the required personal purchase maintenance for twelve (12) consecutive months.
  2. A deactivated member will not be able to open or log-in its business account, but its genealogy will remain.
  3. Deactivated member’s account may be re-activated by purchasing the required personal purchase maintenance. Previous earnings that are not withdrawn prior to deactivation can still be released once account is activated.


  1. A member has the right to resign and give-up its account anytime with a formal letter of advice to the company.
  2. A member can only file resignation for itself. A member cannot file resignation for a group of members under its genealogy.
  3. A resigned member’s account cannot be transferred to another person.
  4. A resigned member’s account will be taken-over by the company and will be active in the genealogy as a company account.
  5. A resigned member may register again after twelve (12) months, following the normal registration procedure.
  6. The resigned member cannot register on the same original account and cannot continue the previous account anymore.
  7. Upon re-entry, a resigned member can choose a new sponsor and placement.


  1. A member may be suspended in violating any of the company policies and procedures stated in this handbook as determined by the company with a proven cause.
  2. The member will be advised in writing for any violations committed and suspension period that leads to membership account suspension.
  3. The suspension period will allow the company to further investigate on the member’s case. The suspension period may be reduced and may extend as determined by the company with proper notice to member.
  4. The suspended member’s account will be put on hold, prohibiting the suspended member of logging-in and redemption of any benefits. The account remains active and the suspended member can still place personal purchases.
  5. The suspended member is not encouraged to participate in networking activities during suspension period. In case of income rush due to network growth, the suspended member may not be able to receive commission should the member be proven guilty of the charge.
  6. After suspension period, a member not proven of the violation will be notified of the result and will be released of the charge. The member’s account access will resume, and unpaid commissions will be released.
  7. Depending on the gravity of the violation, the member proven of the charge may be given a written warning and will be released with the account access and unpaid commissions.
  8. The company has the right not to release benefits earned prior and during suspension period should the member’s offense involves monetary issues. The member will be released of the charge and will be issued a written warning together with the release of account access after forfeiture of the mentioned benefits.


  1. A member may be terminated proven an offense is committed in violation of any of the policies stipulated in this handbook with due process.
  2. Prior to termination, a member accused of an offense will undergo preventive suspension for investigation and deliberation.
  3. A suspended member with proven violation after thorough investigation will be terminated and the account will be permanently deactivated. Unpaid benefits will not be released.
  4. The terminated member loses its right in all particulars of membership that includes genealogy, availment of discount privilege and engagement in advertising and marketing the company and its provisions.
  5. The company has the right to post in any medium the termination of the member’s account and the separation of the member from the company.
  6. The terminated member cannot register as a ZAPIT member again, unless with a written intention which is subject to company’s approval twelve (12) months after termination.
  7. A terminated member who is approved of re-entry does not have the right to choose a sponsor. The company reserves the right to assign a sponsor.
  8. Membership of a previously terminated member may be terminated any time without due process should the same incident or another violation occur.
  9. Terminated member’s account will remain in the genealogy as a company account.

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